The Future Belongs to Voters


Don’t lose hope.


We have favorites. There are candidates that inspire us. There are candidates that make us want to open our pocket-books and volunteer our time. I desperately want to get 45 out of office. However, our most important message is to just go vote. Let the number crunchers know that your demographic votes. Your age, your gender, your state cares.

As they say, the future belongs to voters. Look to see who has a winning message on civil rights, education, health care, immigration reform, national security, voting rights and preventing gun violence. We urgently need leadership on the environment. This election will have consequences. Find your 46 and make sure you are registered. has up-to-date voting and election resources for each state.

If you support the Democrats or the Republicans, or even an Independent candidate, please vote. Representation matters. Voting is important. Let the world know that your demographic- whatever it may be- votes.

Vote for the candidate that inspires you. Seriously. Just vote.